About Death and Dollars: Solving the Epidemic of Chronic Disease

Death and Dollars: Solving the Epidemic of Chronic Disease by Richard Milani, MD, empowers readers to find real solutions for their medical issues and take control of their own healthcare. Dr. Milani is the Chief Transformation Officer of the Ochsner Health System and is a nationally recognized cardiologist and thought leader in the healthcare industry. Death and Dollars addresses common healthcare concerns and bridges the gap between patients and their medical practitioners, offering practical solutions based on his own experience and rapidly improving technology.

Chronic disease plagues hundreds of thousands of Americans and baffles many physicians. Given that this epidemic has become more prevalent in the 21st century, Dr. Milani believes it is directly related to negative behavior and lifestyle choices common today. In Death and Dollars, he explains how healthcare workers and recipients can work together to create change and lessen the effects of chronic disease.

Death and Dollars: Solving the Epidemic of Chronic Disease provides a modern-day guide to understanding the ever-changing field of medicine and healthcare. As a leading health professional and an advocate for patients, Dr. Milani uses his experience to: demonstrate the positive strides being made in the healthcare industry; explain the developments in technology that are revolutionizing the industry; inform patients how these developments can improve the quality of their care and help them manage their chronic illness.

Patient empowerment is the key to stunting and even reversing the effects of chronic disease. With the education and insights provided in Death and Dollars, readers will become better equipped to navigate their healthcare and join together with their physician to beat this growing epidemic.

Meet the Author of Death and Dollars

Richard Milani, M.D.
Chief Clinical Transformation Officer, Ochsner Health System

About the Author

Dr. Richard Milani serves as the Chief Clinical Transformation Officer, Vice-Chairman of the Department of Cardiology at Ochsner Health System and Professor of Medicine at Ochsner Clinical School – The University of Queensland School of Medicine in New Orleans, Louisiana. He also serves as the Medical Director of Innovation Ochsner (iO), a health innovation accelerator that is a subsidiary of the Ochsner Health System. Dr. Milani’s background and research focus on population health with a special interest in chronic disease and medical informatics. He has authored over 500 medical publications and serves as a frequent lecturer for healthcare systems and Fortune 500 companies. Dr. Milani currently resides in New Orleans, Louisiana.