The Academy Lumeris Strategic Tracking Survey- Q2 2018 Tracking: Physician Alignment

Key Findings

  1. The majority (88%) of responding health system executives expect the size of their medical group to grow by 1-10% in the next year, with most focusing on growing representation of primary care.
  2. Nearly all (94%) responding systems have a medical group leader, with most (69%) leaders solely responsible for the system’s employed physicians.
  3. Health system strategies to align physicians include developing a clinically integrated network, building financial incentives around delivering high-quality care, creating effective feedback and communication mechanisms, and cultivating employee culture.


As health systems continue to employ physicians and compensation models move towards value-based payment, it is becoming increasingly important for physicians to be aligned in their financial incentives and care delivery objectives. In response, health system leaders are pursuing a range of strategies to align physicians both professionally and personally around a common set of values.

The Health Management Academy (The Academy) conducted a survey of Leading Health Systems to assess how senior executives are using physician leadership structures and organizational infrastructure to create stable and long-lasting physician communities.


In June 2018, The Health Management Academy (The Academy) conducted the fifteenth round of phone interviews for its quarterly strategic survey among 16 senior Leading Health System executives, including: CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CMOs, CNOs, and CSOs.

The survey for the interview consisted of:

  1. A tracking section that provides insight into trends around primary strategic areas; and
  2. A special topic area that allows for an in-depth look into a timely, developing issue.