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Save the Date: Academy GE Fellow Alumni Annual Meetings


Over the course of the fall, The Academy will welcome alumni of the Physician, Administrative, and Nurse Academy GE Fellowship programs to convene for their annual meetings. The fellowship alumni groups will meet during their respective C-suite forum meetings and will be welcome to attend all Issues Forum sessions. They will meet in small group discussions during breakfasts and debriefs.

Below is additional information on the meetings including dates, locations and proposed session topics. For more information, contact Anastasia Beletsky at Anastasia@hmacademy.com.

Physician Fellow Alumni Annual Meeting: Oct. 11-13, Deer Valley Montage, Park City, UT

  • Collaborative Leadership: C-Suite Partnerships & The Evolving Role of the CMO
  • Addressing Burnout: Improving Self-Care & Resilience
  • Workplace Security: Crisis Management & Staff Preparation

Administrative Fellow Alumni Annual Meeting: Oct. 11-13, Deer Valle Montage, Park City, UT

  • Consumerism: Measuring Customer Loyalty & Brand as a Business Driver
  • Mergers, Acquisitions & Affiliations: Setting Expectations for Joint Ventures
  • Federal Health Policy Landscape: ACA Repeal/Replace/Reform Update

Nurse Fellow Alumni Annual Meeting: Oct. 16-18, Deer Valley Montage, Park City, UT

  • Employee Engagement: To Pursue or Not To Pursue Magnet-Status
  • Preparing for the Future: Nurse Education Strategy & The IOM’s 2020 Recommendations
  • Behavioral Health: Patient – Family Interactions & the Social Determinants of Health