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Academy Advisors Overview

Cultivate a Unique Voice for Government Relations

The Academy Advisors is a cooperative that brings together the nation’s Leading Health Systems to drive high-impact healthcare reform. We extend the impact of Leading Health System government relations, proactively improve policy, and actualize solutions for C-suite executives.

Strategic Policy Development

The Academy Advisors prioritizes innovative reforms that drive market change instead of reactive options that respond to government proposals.

After conducting due diligence on reform opportunities, we leverage member expertise to co-create policy solutions and create bi-annual policy-based collaboratives.

Collective Advocacy

The Academy Advisors utilizes the collective network of the coalition to leverage Leading Health Systems’ footprint on Capitol Hill.

We facilitate action-oriented conversations between executives and members of Congress, committee staff, and government agencies. Monthly phone calls and bi-annual meetings keep a pulse on health policy and political developments.