Annual GE Crotonville Experience

The GE Crotonville seminar is a two-day interdisciplinary meeting at the John F. Welch Leadership Development Center. Fellows from all four tracks—Administrative, Finance, Nurse, and Physician—attend each year of their Fellowship, along with health system mentors and Advisory Committee members.

In 2014, Harvard Business Review attended Crotonville to highlight The Academy GE Fellows Program and leadership development in healthcare. With focused discussions revolving around the critical topics of leadership, culture and the changing landscape of healthcare, examples of program sessions include the following:

The Power of Teaming

Amy Edmonson, Novartis Professor of Leadership & Management, Harvard Business School

Amy Edmonson shares insights regarding the vital role of teamwork in effecting change and proper functioning within today’s complex healthcare systems. Discussions focus on the impact of the group leader and the role that leader plays in framing a team’s mission, creating a safe environment for exchange and innovation and addressing failure in a healthy manner than benefits forward movement within the organization.

GE’s Healthcare Market Outlook

Rob Reilly, VP & GM of GE Healthcare, USCAN Service

As the face of healthcare changes, organizations must remain nimble and adjust their planning and policy priorities in accordance with current events. In this session, Rob Reilly shares GE Healthcare’s most up-to-date insights on the macro level of the healthcare environment, with a focus on trends that are helping determine GE’s current and future course.

Listen First, Act Next

Phil Terry, CEO of Collaborative Gain & Author of Customers Included

“Patient-centered,” “culture change,” “patient engagement”—these are just a few of the hot topics that continuously pop up in the healthcare executive’s lexicon. Phil Terry, who founded Collaborative Gain in 2002 to build councils for senior leaders across a range of industries, and who has since authored Customers Included, published articles in Harvard Business Review and presented a TEDx talk, discusses how listening and humility can help today’s leaders connect with their employees and customers in extraordinary ways.

Inspired to Lead

Dr. Lance Secretan, CEO of The Secretan Center

Known for his work on Higher Ground Leadership, Dr. Secretan is widely acknowledged as one of the most insightful and provocative leadership teachers of our time. Former CEO of a Fortune 100 company, university professor, award-winning columnist and author of 15 books, Dr. Secretan will speak to participants on the role of inspiration in igniting courageous, authentic and effective leaders.