The Academy GE Fellows Program provides the most prestigious experience in the nation for high-potential leaders of the largest health systems. The Fellowships are an outstanding opportunity for exceptional high-level leaders who aspire to significant corporate-level positions within Top–100 Health Systems.

  • Administrative: Designed for executives who aspire to assume senior executive positions, such as health system CEO or COO.
  • Financial: Designed for finance executives who seek to progress to the position of health system CFO.
  • Physician: Designed for physician executives interested in becoming a health system CMO, CCO (Chief Clinical Officer), or other corporate level C-Suite position.
  • Nurse: Designed for nurse executives who aspire to become health system CNOs.

Created in 2006 for high-potential physician executives, The Academy GE Fellows Program now includes 80 Fellows in their first or second year of the Program and 131 alumni Fellows.

For more information, please contact Anastasia Beletsky, Director, The Academy GE Fellows Program, at

In identifying possible nominees, The Academy suggests that the health system consider personal characteristics that separate the candidate from other executives. For example, the candidate:

  • Has been identified by the health system as being on track to a health system C-suite executive position;
  • Is committed to leadership with a track record of success;
  • Has corporate-level responsibility;
  • Shows motivation for continued growth.

The Fellowship Advisory Committees will carefully consider the candidates’ strengths and experiences and show preference for those candidates who are one to three steps from filling a C-suite role. Since the corporate pathway can vary substantially among health systems, there is recognition by the Advisory Committees that the organizational criteria referred to above are guidelines.

The experience for participating health systems is that Fellows provide important benefits to the health system. For example, the Fellowship:

  • Allows a comparison of the Fellow to other successful high potentials;
  • Serves as a visible commitment of the health system to the Fellow and acts as a retention tool;
  • Increases topical knowledge and understanding of leadership development;
  • Assists in developing mentors within the health system;
  • Builds health system leadership depth and contributes to succession planning.

By nominating a candidate, the nominating health system executive (the health system’s corporate CEO, COO, CFO, CMO, or CNO) agrees to serve as Mentor to the Fellow during the two years of the program. As a Mentor, the nominating executive will work with the Fellow to personalize the Fellowship, assist in the selection and support of the Fellowship Action Project, and provide counsel to the Fellow. The expectation is that the Mentor will be available to meet with the Fellow regarding the selected project and attend The Academy Forum meeting in conjunction with the Fellow’s Annual Meeting.

Upon completion of Program requirements, Fellows will be presented with a graduation certificate by their Mentor at an Academy member meeting. The certificate is signed by The Academy’s CEO & President, GE Healthcare’s CEO & President and the Advisory Committee Chair.

With the completion of the two-year program, Fellows become alumni, joining a community of administrative, financial, nurse, and physician executives from the Leading Health Systems in the country.


Bottom Line

From its inception in 2006:

  • Over 75% of Fellowship graduates have been promoted
  • Graduates span the health system C-suite, holding titles of: CEO, CAO, CFO, CCO, CMO, CNO, CHRO
  • 50+ health systems sponsored one or more Fellows



Dr. Robert H. Groves, Jr. Vice President, Health Management at Banner Health and Physician Fellows program graduate shares his perspectives on The Academy GE Fellows Program in this interview with Academy Executive-in-Residence, Dr. Mike Guthrie.